Krishishetra works as a panacea for the upliftment of agribusinesses in the entire nation. Our work-life balance helps employees as well as our clients to feel secure in terms of finances and living quality. We believe in offering an environment that can develop the core competencies of employees and provide a dynamic business environment for stakeholders.

Our Promise

We promise to nourish the professional aspirations of every employee and enable their career progression via enhanced responsibilities and improved recognition. We foster professional as well as personal growth via training and knowledge management as well as various development programs.

Krishishetra stimulates the upper levels of all-round performance via the finest HR practices along with performance management. We focus on creating a fine entrepreneurial environment for the growth of every individual under the roof of Krishishetra. Moreover, we also balance it with the help of professional rigor and risk management.

Life at Krishishetra

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  • Training and Induction
  • Growth Prospects
  • Integrity, Respect, Team Work & Transparency
  • Productive Work Environment
  • Performance rewards
  • Conducive service condition
  • Work culture and climate without pressure and stresses

Workplace Safety

We, at Krishishetra, pay keen attention to HSE (Health Safety & Environment) management. We assume occupational safety as an important parameter for our long-term growth, success, and profitability. Considering the environmental protection, efficient energy usage, and workplace safety, we have taken the following health and safety initiatives at our workplace:

  • Automatic material handling systems
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Accident and Incident reporting
  • Mandatory use of safety gear and safety shoes
  • Mandatory safety training and awareness programs

HR Vision and Philosophy

To become the finest and most efficient employer, HR at Krishishetra emphasize on the below-given values:

  • Quality teamwork empowered by technology and aided by fine as well as effective processes.
  • Information, knowledge, resource, and experience sharing at every stage.
  • Open and transparent communication with learning commitment.

HR at Krishishetra works to build trust, pride, and camaraderie within the entire team. Our HR treats every employee with the same gratitude as the employer or the customer.

Core Members

Here is the list of our core team members. Every individual in this list works as a pillar of the Krishishetra.

Current Opportunities

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Online submission               : hr@krishishetra.com
Online Application System : check periodically to fetch the current openings through the portal under the Careers section.