Krishishetra offers you a wide spectrum of commodity testing and certification services to satisfy the customer as well as market requirements. All the testing tasks are held with the help of our dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced professionals via internationally accredited labs. We have both National and International accreditations and certifications, which makes us one of the finest service providers across the nation.

Krishishetra’s high-tech laboratories are efficient enough to create process-driven transparency in rural procurement. We perform every necessary test to showcase the effectiveness and quality of your agri-products. We have one of India’s largest networks of testing facilities for all the agriculture commodities including mobile labs, bring-and-mortar labs.

Why Choose Us

We at Krishishetra, offer you highly reliable testing and certification facilities for your agricultural products. Our effective testing operations showcase the real standards of your crops so that you can get the right value in the market. Here are the highlights of our testing and certification facilities that make us stand out from the crowd.

  • Qualified and Experienced Experts
  • Largest Network Testing Facilities
  • Globally-Recognized Testing And Operations Standards
  • Commodity Testing and Certification
  • Effective Process of Certification

Service Features

Krishishetra offers you an entire commodity profiling service to provide your deliverables a tag of purity. Our services majorly include trade, export, commodity testing & certification, processing plant services, and system building for certification. We have internationally standard laboratories that efficient enough to provide you precise results and a tag of excellence for better value.

Additional Benefits

Krishishetra testing and certification services offer you globally-benchmarked solutions for entire commodity profiling. It includes testing, inspection, quality parameter assessment, and certification. Moreover, all of our clients leverage a minimum turnover time, a per post customer service, and advanced alerts/notifications for the revalidation of their quality certificate.