Mr. G Ranga Reddy

Zonal Head, Warehousing

Mr. G Ranga Reddy has been managing the Business Development and Operations of Krishi Connect in the South zone as the Zonal Head. At Krishi Connect, he handles the responsibility of managing the Professional Warehouses (PWH) in South India in an exact professional warehouse model as well as in the bank liaising model.

Mr. Reddy has more than two decades of diverse professional experience spread across Warehousing and Banking Services. He is well-versed with the entire value chain of Warehousing and Agri-Commodities Services both from the Service Providers perspective and also from the Banking side of the business. Adept at successfully generating value for all the stakeholders in a collaborative manner. With his focused approach towards problem-solving, he has built a strong reputation in the banking and warehousing circles. Widely known for his customer service-centric approach. Prior to joining Krishi Connect, Mr. Ranga Reddy was worked as Senior Manager (Commodity Business) for the agri-business development with Axis Bank in Andhra Pradesh. Mr. Reddy has started his career with Avanthi Warehousing Services Ltd (NDR GROUP) in 1998 and is familiar with managerial and business acumen by working in various managerial solutions for more than 23 years in organizations of repute such as National Bulk Handling Corporation Ltd (NBHC), National Collateral Management Services Ltd (NCMSL), Star-Agri Warehousing and Collateral Management Ltd and Navjyoti Commodity Management Services Ltd (LNB Group).