Sudhakar Rai

AVP, eAuction

Mr. Sudhakar Rai has more than 18yearsof experience in the direct agricultural commodities market and supply chain management; He has completed his graduation in commerce from Delhi University and worked with Sohan Lal and Commodities Management, Origo Commodities, ETG group, and some other India’s biggest agricultural commodity warehouses. He has a vast background in the direct market like the procurement of major agricultural commodities like… Spices, Grains & Maize, Seeds, Pulses, Sugar, and Soya bean, etc. at a domestic level and the High level too.

He had experience in procurement and supply chain management and worked in 15 countries. He has a well-deserved and rich experience in Warehousing (Dry/Cold) & Logistics (Supply Chain Management and Inventory management), Knowledge of overarching concept that links together multiple processes to achieve a competitive advantage, while he handles logistics refer to the Place, Storage, and Flow of Goods, Services, and Information within the all over supply chain. Sending goods safely to reach their final destination to avoid delay and without any kind of jeopardy. Understands the Commodities, Supply & Demand, Import/ Export, Govt. policies, required licenses, and permissions, etc.